Keyboard Recorder

Record and Playback your keyboard and mouse actions

Mouse recorder not only records & playback mouse actions but also keystrokes and text input:

Record keyboard input

Mouse Recorder scans your keyboard input and saves it for inifinite playback with many options.

If recording keyboard input, smart algorithms analyze the nature of the single key press: If you enter a hotkey (a combination of the SHIFT/CTRL/ALT/WIN key with any single letter), it will be saved as such and output this and a Mouse Recorder procedures The Windows automation software recording tracks the mouse cursor x/y coordinates as you move the mouse. Smart algorithms analyze the cursor moves to minimize the number of recording samples while maintaining smooth and accurate playback.

In case you wish to automate program windows that may be opened at a different location next time you launch a program, you can optionally record "relative mouse coordinates". In this case, keyboard recorder records the position of the program window and the mouse positions in relation to the recorded program window.

Output speed

keyboard recorder can playback the recorded actions in the same speed as you performed them or speed up for faster repetitions or slow down, e.g. to create demonstration demos.

Hotkeys vs Text Input

keyboard recorder offers you to edit the recording in great detail. You can remove accidental mouse clicks, smooth-out recorded mouse cursor paths, strip the mouse movements and only keep the actual mouse clicks, etc.

keyboard recorder includes smart algorithms